Breaking a bad habit –

We are not born with our habits, but we learn them and store them in our subconscious and thus work automatically. Some habits are useful and beneficial, like checking the road before we cross or tying our shoelaces without a second thought. Others can quickly become a bad habit without us even realizing. A bad habit can be destructive, annoying and even a source of embarrassment. Most believe they are stuck with their bad habit but this is not the case. Most can be changed by helping the mind perceive and follow different and more beneficial patterns of behaviour.
All addictions have a psychological element attached to them and a need to engage in the addiction in order to feel good, escape or avoid a particular feeling.
Ask yourself:

What does your addiction or unwanted habit cost you?
Do you invest time and energy in maintaining the addiction/habit or concealing it?
Do you neglect yourself, family and friends because of it?
What is the cost and impact on your health, both physically and mentally?
What is the cost and impact on your sense of self worth and general wellbeing?
what is the cost and impact on your ability to perform your work and home duties?

Common negative habits are:
• Nail biting
• Thumb sucking
• Nose or skin-picking
• Hair-pulling(trichotillomania)
• Smoking and Drinking (can also be addictions)
• Over eating
• Sugar addiction
• Gambling

Hypnotherapy can work on your subconscious habit to make it conscious, giving you control of the habit. Once it has been brought into your conscious awareness you can take control and put an end to that unwanted habit or addiction that may be consuming your life.
With hypnosis you can address any emotional or stress issues that may be underlying the habit, reinforce positive behaviours and enjoy feeling calm and relaxed.