Take Control Hypnotherapy -Timeline Reset Services Melbourne

What is Timeline Reset?

Timeline Reset encompasses two very powerful components which are facilitated by a trained practitioner where the client is in total control. It is an effective and gentle modality of creating instant change.


1. Emotions (One Session)

The first step is to deal with eliminating and managing the ‘emotional charge’ a person may be carrying unconsciously; feelings such as ‘bursts of anger’, ‘periods of apathy’, ‘sadness, guilt, shame or chronic fear’. This process works with the unconscious mind where it heals emotional trauma; eliminates unwanted thoughts; resets your emotions and behaviour that are no longer serving you and clears your path for the life you deserve to be living.


2. Limiting Beliefs (One Session)

The second step is to release limiting beliefs. This is a belief that you may hold around yourself, others or in your environment which may be holding you back in certain areas of your life. ‘Do you want love, more connection, fun, contentment?’  What is holding you back from achieving these things and more?
These beliefs can certainly work for us but also against us. To reset them we need to understand where they came from. Most have been instilled from a young age and they may not necessarily be yours but have been taken in unconsciously. In this process we also clear your path, reset your own belief system so you can thrive.


As a Timeline Reset Practitioner I offer 2 life changing programs. These are adaptable to meet the client’s needs as presented and facilitated with confidentiality, understanding and compassion.

During these programs the client is taken through a series of additional therapies accompanying the timeline reset therapy where they regain control, build confidence and heal from within.

Timeline Reset Programs

4 Week Program & 6 Week Program (additional support)

Areas in which I assist are:

  • Grief, loss and bereavement
  • Getting out of the ‘stuck’ state
  • Manage and overcome emotions
  • Help find your ‘voice’
  • Build resilience, gain direction and move forward for a brighter future

What the program encompasses:

  • First session – 90 minutes duration
  • Remaining sessions – 60 minutes duration
  • Counselling
  • Gentle therapies (timeline reset and hypnotherapy)
  • Tools to improve communication
  • Assistance in regaining focus
  • Tools to improve communication
  • Handouts
  • Homework
  • Relaxation/meditation audio

For more information about Take Control’s Timeline Reset Services, you can contact us in a few ways. Via our,