Take Control Hypnotherapy - Nail Biting

Stop nail biting

Whilst nail biting can look like an innocent habit, it is often a strong indication of underlying issues.

  • Individuals develop problems with excessively chewing on their nails for different reasons. Often help to stop nail biting is necessary. For some nail biters, a general anxiety acts like the psychological glue that makes the habits stick. For others, stressful feelings are the driving forces behind the behaviour. However neither scenario serves as a positive way to handle problems or feelings, thus generating ongoing feelings of frustration.
  • This can lead to other problems too, such as increased isolation, physical problems, feeling self conscious, relationship issues and general anxiety.
  • Hypnotherapy can work on your subconscious habit to make it conscious, giving you control of the habit. Once it has been brought into your conscious awareness and you gain control, you can stop nail biting, once and for all..
    By using the resources of your subconscious mind and working at the same level of mind where the problem originates, you can let go of that unwanted habit easily and naturally.
  • With hypnosis you can also address any emotional or stress issues that may be underlying the habit, reinforce positive habits and enjoy feeling calm and relaxed.