Take Control Hypnotherapy - Over Eating Sugar Addiction

Over Eating/Sugar addiction

Weight Loss

We know that to lose weight we need to eat less and move more. So why is it so difficult for some people? Often, it’s because there’s a lot of baggage in our subconscious that’s weighing us down.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and struggling, or successfully losing weight and then regaining it there might be more to it than simple bad eating. Weight loss hypnosis is not about diets, programs or nutrition education but about habits, patterns of behaviour and emotional cycles. When you create a successful mindset you create successful weight loss. Healthy choices mean healthy results and weight loss hypnotherapy is all about helping and guiding you to make choosing healthy options without effort.


Sugar addiction

Sugar addiction may develop early on in life or in adult years as a way of bringing calmness or alleviating discomfort at some stage in a person’s life. Often as children we learn that by eating sweets we feel better. At some deep level we realise we are able to release our happy hormones through sweets. We can begin a cycle of eating certain foods to make us feel good. However, before we realise it, we are reliant on sugar.  The more sugar we eat, the more we need to obtain the same release of hormones that make us feel good.

Most often, a dependence on sugar means the body has altered the way it produces hormones, making the body more reliant on sugar. Increasingly more sugar is used to mask any discomfort. Gradually with time, greater quantities are needed to achieve the same effect.


Do you:


  • Have discomfort from sugar withdrawal?
  • Feel irritable, angry restless?
  • Have trouble sleeping?
  • Feel less able to cope and feel overwhelmed?

If you experience these discomforts which may go away if you eat sugar, it could be that you have developed an addiction to sugar.

When we eat sugar, it creates an artificial appetite, which causes cravings. Excessive sugar can make blood sugar go up and down regularly. You may experience hunger pangs, the shakes, perspiration and other symptoms


How Sugar can Affect your health and vitality

Here are only some of the many ways which sugar can be detrimental to your health:

  • Sugar can suppress the immune system
  • Sugar can weaken eyesight
  • Sugar can speed up the aging process
  • Sugar can cause kidney damage
  • Sugar can aid in development of  colon cancer
  • Sugar can cause arthritis
  • Sugar can cause asthma
  • Sugar can cause diabetes
  • Sugar can cause constipation
  • Sugar can cause depression and anxiety


Hypnosis helps people experience in a multi-sensory way; what it feels like when they are strong, fit and in control and to overcome their mental barriers to achieving those goals. It specifically helps people resolve any underlying emotional problems which may be causing them to hate exercise, experience intense cravings, binge at night, or eat mindlessly. It helps them identify the triggers and disarm them. Hypnosis changes the way of thinking about food and eating, and it allows people to learn to be more calm and relaxed in their lives.  Hypnosis is for anyone looking for a gentle way to lose weight and make healthy eating into a habit. It isn’t meant to be a “diet” but rather one tool to help you be successful with eating nutritious food and exercising. It’s not invasive and doesn’t require any pills, powders or other supplements.

Hypnotherapy can work on your subconscious habit to make it conscious, giving you control of the habit. Once it has been brought into your conscious awareness you can take control and put an end to that unwanted habit or addiction that may be consuming your life.

With hypnosis you can address any emotional or stress issues that may be underlying the habit, reinforce positive behaviours and enjoy feeling calm and relaxed.