Take Control Hypnotherapy - Children and Hypnotherapy

Children from the age of six upwards can usually respond really well to hypnosis as they have a vivid imagination and this is an effective way through to the subconscious. When using hypnotherapy with children it is not usually necessary to explain in detail exactly what hypnosis is, but rather describe to them simply that they will be experiencing a relaxed and quiet time in which they use their imaginations to resolve their problems, as in a game.

One of the reasons that hypnotherapy for children can be such a good choice is that children make good use of their imaginations, thus their subconscious minds can be easily re-programmed. The session might include scenarios whereby young children are able to relate to such as: using stories, adventures, meeting a hero or even character from a favourite TV programme or a movie. Children have to deal with change, loss, bullying, violence, criticism, low self-esteem, and their own bodies as they move through rapid growth periods over short periods of time. Some may encounter other issues like making new friends, low confidence, coping with ‘belonging and identity’, stress and other changes. Physical problems and fears may manifest as a result of these issues which may affect them not only at home but also in their school and social life.

Nicky has valuable insight and knowledge of children’s behaviours based on 25 years of school teaching of disengaged students with learning difficulties and other disabilities.  With this and her hypnotherapy experiences she can assist in helping your child reach his or her full potential.

Nicky has a Children’s Check and is currently registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.